cotton yarn


Our fabrics have been carefully selected to support our vision of providing high performance eco-friendly athletic apparel.


Bamboo is a naturally sustainable crop and grows and replenishes rapidly without the use of harmful herbicides, pesticides or fertilizers. The raw material bamboo is certified organic. Bamboo grows extremely fast and can reach a mature height of 75 feet in less than two months. It restores naturally through an extensive root system that sends out an average of six new shoots (growth stems) per year and can be re-harvested repeatedly without a need for replanting. It takes in five times the amount of greenhouse gases and produces up to 35% more oxygen than an equivalent stand of trees, doing its part to combat global warming. It stabilizes the earth with its erosion preventing roots and improves the health of the soil by isolating and discarding excess nitrogen. It retains water in the drainage basin, reduces runoff, sustains riverbanks, and helps mitigate water pollution due to its high nitrogen consumption. Bamboo is good for our ecosystems.

Bamboo stays fresher longer! Bamboo fabric is naturally antimicrobial because of “bamboo kun”, a substance in the plant that helps it fight off disease and insects. The antibacterial qualities make bamboo repel odors and toxins, so the fabric smells fresher longer. It can be washed less frequently saving water, energy and detergent which is a bonus for the Earth! Bamboo is naturally hypo-allergenic and UV resistant. Its inherent characteristics make it naturally water-wicking by its microscopic gaps that permeate the fabric’s fiber allowing for the moisture to be rapidly absorbed without the need for chemical treatments. It keeps you dry and cool even on the hottest day. All of these characteristics combined, allows the individuals with the most sensitive skin to feel comfortable year round wearing our bamboo products.

Organic cotton

Organic cotton is an ecologically responsible and green fiber. Low impact, eco-friendly dyes are used to achieve product color. We encourage our suppliers to do organic farming and eco-friendly, sustainable living. We work with manufacturers that generally believe in our principles. Your support enables us to educate consumers on the benefits of recycling and renewing the earth’s natural resources.

Organic farmers use biologically based growing systems to raise cotton crops instead of chemically dependent systems. Organic farming generally starts with the soil. Compost, frequent crop rotations and cover crop strategies replace synthetic fertilizers to keep soil healthy and productive. Weeds can be controlled by innovative farm machinery, hand labor or flame devices rather than herbicide applications. Organic farmers use integrated soil and pest management techniques such as crop rotation while introducing natural predators of cotton pests into the organic cotton cultivation.

Insects and pests can be effectively kept in balance with the well timed introduction of beneficial insects to fields. Organic cotton growers shut off water early, and apply certified materials to promote cotton ball opening and leaf dropping, readying the fibers for harvest. Our organic products are extremely soft and comfortable. We believe it’s time to wear and support organic sports apparel.


Some of our products are made in the USA, which promotes jobs, very short lead times, and reduces carbon footprint.