Care Instructions

Care for products: Please read the label of each item for care instructions.


It is highly recommended to wash bamboo clothing in cold water with like colors. The gentle wash cycle is best for long-lasting care. While you can dry it in the dryer on the cool/low setting, some bamboo clothing can shrink. Line dry is always the best option to avoid shrinkage with most clothing. Never dry on the warm or hot dryer setting. Be aware it will absorb the moisture from other fabrics (like cotton), so it will take longer to dry. Iron your clothing with care using a dry iron set no higher than low setting. Using steam in your iron can cause rings to appear in the garment that you cannot wash out. Use a minimal amount of soap and do not use bleach.

Organic Cotton

We recommend washing your organic cotton apparel by hand or washing on the gently cycle using eco-friendly detergent or hypoallergenic eco-laundry disks. These disks will soften the water and are totally reusable. When selecting eco-friendly soaps or detergents, seek products without phosphates, dyes or fragrances. In general, do not overheat your garments. Drying with high heat can cause some shrinkage. Shrinkage is worse for the lengths of the garments and is less noticeable for widths. Some dryer sheets also contain chemicals and pollutants. Ask your local health food store for recommendations. Some people use a ball of aluminum foil while drying organic cotton fabrics. This will help reduce static cling. You can also hang dry these garments to avoid shrinkage.