About Us

Philosophy of the company

Sportsbum’s philosophy is to be competitive, positive and socially responsible while providing high quality eco-friendly fitness, yoga, and active lifestyle apparel to inspire the athlete within all of us. Comfort isn’t always so easy, but at Sportsbum we make it easy so you don’t have to think about what you wear to achieve a stronger mind and body. Wear some of our athletic apparel line and you will have a hand in making the environment better for all. No more excuses for not achieving your physical goals while contributing to the environment. Feel and look good, get motivated and use your inner power in pursuit of performance to get you there. We believe your health is your wealth. This can or may be a lifestyle shift and Sportsbum is committed to support that change by providing hgh quality athletic apparel to you while preserving Mother Earth.


To be recognized as a leader in providing competitively priced high performance eco-friendly clothing in the athletic apparel industry.

Vision and Governance

Sportsbum seeks to grow into one of the largest high performance eco-friendly athletic apparel companies in North America. Through our initial grass roots marketing campaign, we are re-investing a large percentage of our profits back into the business to expand a broader line of high performance eco-friendly fitness, yoga, and active lifestyle athletic apparel to increase our consumer base, market presence, brand and profitability nationally, then globally. The success is based on financial results and being responsible for the way we do business. We encourage our sourcing partners to be accountable for the way our products are manufactured. Through our actions we hope to improve the lives of the workers who make our products. We are committed to good governance to achieve our vision.